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Surgery Unlimited is dedicated in getting people acquainted with the world of doctors and nursing homes all across the globe. We help patients connect with the best doctors' worldwide and help them in getting the best possible treatments for their ailments. No one really wants to fall sick. However, this is inevitable and one has to cope up with the situations with loads of patience, hope, and faith. The ever-evolving field of medical sciences has brought in along with various concepts that are not only dynamic but also helpful for patients suffering from any sort of disease. One of the most sought after medical practices is that of medical tourism. Medical tourism has many reasons contributing to it, but whatever drives the numbers involved are very impressive. For example, medical tourism in India, expects nothing less than 2 billion visitors by 2012, in 2005 alone 374,000 visitors have been to Singapore for medical tourism, South Africa has seen 20000 medical tourists in 2006 and Thailand earned 36.4 billion buds from them in the same year. These impressive numbers are a testimony to the fact that medical tourism is a reality and is beneficial to citizens of USA and UK.

Cosmetic Surgery

We, at Surgery Unlimited, provide information about the various hospitals across the globe that provide the facility of cosmetic surgery. Moreover, we provide you with the best of the deals all over the world. So whether you want to go to the diversified land of India or enjoy a cosmetic surgery in Plano, we, at Surgery Unlimited, will make sure that your trip and your medical problems are dealt with in chorus. Out of the many reasons contributing to the popularity of medical tourism is the cost difference. The dollar or the pound is anyways more valuable than the currency in the destination countries, add to this the fact that on account of manpower being cheaper the medical procedures conducted in developing countries are also much less expensive than UK or USA. These 2 factors, when combined with the dismal insurance scenario in the USA, where a large chunk of the population is either uninsured or under-insured makes in quite clear as to why medical tourism is an attractive scenario to Americans and the British.

Elderly Surgery

The older the person, the more difficult and dangerous the surgery. According to elderly care professionals at Care Mountain, the most common form of surgery is hip surgery. This can come from osteoporosis, bad nutrition, gender, and, most commonly, accidental falls. "They fall because they lose their coordination. They have difficulty with their eyesight and they have difficulty with their balance, and they become weak," according to Dr. Charles A. Peterson (source). Surgery can be prevented from not only having healthy nutrition, but also from making your home environment-friendly for accidents.

Medical Tourists

Unlike earlier days, air travel is now privatized in most destination countries, providing a huge choice to medical tourists of traveling by less expensive airlines. The connectivity between cities in the USA and UK with those of the destination countries like India, Singapore, the U.A.E. and other nations has also shown huge improvement. Internet and phone connections have truly made this world a global village adding to the convenience of the medical tourist. With the aid of these high-tech communication channels, the doctors in the destination countries can be more familiar with your medical history than your family before you see foot in your destination country. Surgery Unlimited too, uses these modes of communication to help patients opt for medical tourism, where in they get a chance of visiting a nation and at the same time, can get any of their diseases treated by the most efficient and renowned doctors and specialists.

Another aspect that largely adds to the charm of medical tourism lies in the experience that the holiday offers. Most of the locations or countries that offer great healthcare at small prices are also exotic tourist attractions. Locations like Costa Rica, South Africa, India or the Philippines has the potential to make even a healthy adult feel radiant, for a person who is recuperating after a surgery these locations are therapeutic in effect. The destination countries like India, Thailand and Singapore are also world renowned for their hospitality, adding another reason to why you should travel to seek your surgery abroad. Try medical tourism with us at Surgery Unlimited and you may be the next to write a wonderful testimonial for us.

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