Samitivej Hospital (Sukhumvit) (Thailand)

Samitivej Hospital (Sukhumvit), awarded by UNICEF and WHO as Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital has grown to be a leading provider of healthcare in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  Today the hospital is recognized as a provider of choice for the local residents and many of the expatriates living in Thailand.
Samitivej Hospital (Sukhumvit) has a comprehensive range of facilities and service from cosmetic to tertiary care.  With 270 beds, 87 examination suites and over 1,200 caregivers, the hospital has long been recognized as a comprehensive facility of choice for locals, expatriates and tourists. Complex surgeries from open heart to liver transplant have been successfully conducted in Samitivej Hospital..

Procedures and Specialty Clinics 

Child Health Institute
Dental Clinic
Dermatology Clinic (Skin)
Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic
Emergency Department
Eye Clinic
Heart Institute
Hemodialysis Department
Internal Medicine Clinic
Liver and Digestive Institute
Oncology Clinic & IV Team Unit
Samitivej Minimally Invasive Bone and Joint Center
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic
Plastic Surgery Clinic
Psychiatry Clinic
Pulmonary Center
Radiology Department
Samitivej Esthetics Institute
Samitivej LASIK Center
Samitivej Wellness Center
Surgery Clinic
Women's Health Center

The following types of rooms are available in the hospital. For international patients who are accompanied by friends of relatives, the accommodation available within Samitivej solves a lot of problems.

• Connecting Room between Patient’s Room and Living Room.
• Patient Bed [Electric Control]
• 1 Extra Bed
• Over Bed Table [A
Price 9,000.00 THB

• Connecting room between patient’s room and living room.
• Patient Bed [Electric Control]
• 1 Extra Bed
• Over Bed Table [Adjustable]
• Intercom
• Safety
Price 6,500.00 THB


• Patient Bed [Electric Control]
• Over Bed Table [Adjustable]
• Intercom
• Safety Box
• Refrigerator with Beverage [Complimentary for the first set]
Price 5,000.00 THB  

Presidential Suite
• Connecting room between patient’s room and living room.
• Patient Bed [Electric Control]
• 1 Extra Bed
• Over Bed Table [Adjustable]
• Intercom
• Safety
Price 15,000.00 THB

• Patient Bed [Electric Control]
• Over Bed Table [Adjustable]
• Intercom
• Safety Box
• Refrigerator with Beverage [Complimentary for the first set]
• Tab
Price 4,000.00 THB


• Private Room Special for Serious Patient
Price 6,000.00 THB 

For information on pricing or any other query related to medical tourism please contact:

Samitivej Hospital (Sukhumvit)
133 Sukhumvit 49, Klongtan Nua
Vadhana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66(0)2711-8000
Fax: 662(0)2391-1290
Customer Service:
International Service:
Information Service:
Human Resource:
Sale Department:

For a virtual tour of Samitivej Hospital please click on the link below:

List of Doctors

1>Dr. Varatda Plainetr, ALLERGIST 
2>Dr. Amorn Vijitpavan, M.D.  ANESTHETIST 
3>Dr.  Chana Buakham, M.D.   ANESTHETIST
4>Dr. Putthipong Norranitchaiyakul, M.D. CARDIAC SURGERY
5> Dr. Apichai Pongpatananurak, MD, CARDIOLOGIST         
6> DR. Bajarisan Jumbala, MD, CARDIOLOGIST
7> Dr Bundit Prommete, MD,  CARDIOLOGIST 
8> Dr.  Chartchai Suntiparpluacha, MD, CARDIOLOGIST 
9> Dr. Aksarak Tokrisna, D.D.S.,  DENTIST
10> Dr. Amara Muangmingsuk, D.D.S, M.S., DENTIST
11> Dr. Chontavat Suvanpiyasiri, MD DERMATOLOGIST       
12> Dr. Kittinan Samuthrsindh, MD, DERMATOLOGIST
13> Dr. Nalinee Sutthipisal, MD, DERMATOLOGIST              
14> Dr. Paritas Sukriket, MD, DERMATOLOGIST
15> Dr. Warut Manosittisak, MD, ENDOCRINOLOGIST
16> Dr.  Chanunta Hongthanakorn, MD, GASTROENTEROLOGIST
17> Dr. Jindarat Jearjesdakul, MD, GASTROENTEROLOGIST
18> Dr. Paneeya Pienvichit, MD, GASTROENTEROLOGIST              
18> Dr. Pradermchai Kongkam, MD, GASTROENTEROLOGIST
20> Dr. Phonpen Akarawatcharrangura, MD, GP & FAMILY PRACTICE
21> Dr.  Paweena Udomwiboonchai, MD, HEMATOLOGIST
22> Dr.  Chare Phonprasert, MD, NEUROSURGEON
23> Dr. Prasopsook Songpaiboon, MD, NEUROSURGEON               
24> Dr.  Anusorn Triwitayakorn, MD, OBSTETRICIAN-GYNECOLOGIST
25> Dr. Bancha Kanluan, MD, OBSTETRICIAN-GYNECOLOGIST              
26> Dr. Surachai Sitawarin, MD, ONCOLOGIST
27> Dr.  Sarit Hutakowit, MD, UROLOGIST
28> Dr. Apichart Thanapatcharoen, MD, SURGEON
29> Dr.  Apichat Asavamongkolkul, MD, ORTHOPAEDIST
30> Dr. Arkaphat Kosiyatrakul, MD, ORTHOPAEDIST


“My husband, Frank, was admitted to your hospital on Sat 12/May 2007.  He was examined by Dr.Nisa Indarakoses at our hotel, Siam City Hotel. Frank was quite ill at this stage. We want to say how grateful we are for the wonderful service and compassion we have received from your staff.  You show Thai people to be the most thoughtful and courteous people we have met.”

--Tues 15th May 2007
Frank  + Dianne Abbley
38 Eastgate Drive
Greenbrough Vic 3088

To the concern people in the Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital May 31st, 2007...

This letter is to express our appreciation on the event of our son’s operation to treat his spontaneous pheumothorax during May 28th - 31st, 2007 in this hospital.

We are expatriate of the Unilever Thailand and have been in Thailand for 7 years, we always come to this hospital whenever we have health concern.

My son, Daniel Chang, is staying in the University of Illinois in USA.  He had spontaneous pneumothorax happened twice in past 8 months.  Although it’s healed by itself, the recurrence % becomes high and worries parents seriously.

I and my husband had come searching advise to Dr. Sawang who used to treat my son’s pneumonia in 2004. Dr. Sawang had patiently explained the disease clearly to us with proposed solution.  He also made effort with his professional expertise to ease us, anxious parents’ worry.

We brought Daniel to see Dr. Sawang right after he came back from USA, then a series medical check had been arranged ad it’s concluded to conduct a surgery on his right lung is the best solution.

Operation was done by Dr. Viboon on May 29th, it was successful and Daniel has stable recovery in next two days, will be discharged back home today, May 31st.
Daniel Chang’s parents.

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