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Located in the commercial capital of India, Hiranandani Hospital is amongst the newest Multi Speciality Hospitals of Bombay or indeed India. Built in the plush and modern suburbs of Powai, Hiranandani Hospital has an exclusive department to cater to patients from overseas, their special services include rendering information about the hospital and it's services , cost estimates for treatment and duration of stay, booking of rooms , arranging appointment with the health care provider , arranging accommodation for relatives (if required) that suits the budget , a single point of contact, conveyance from the airport to the hospital and drop a the airport on completing treatment. Hiranandani Hospital offers the following healthcare packages:

Packages for Cardiac Procedures

Single Valve Replacement
Pace Maker Procedure – Single Chamber
Pace Maker Procedure – Dual Chamber
Pace Maker
ICD Procedure
Biventricular Pacing
Combo Device Procedure (ICD + BVP)
Packages For Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeries

Knee Replacement 
Hip Replacement
Hip Resurfacing 
Uni Compartmental Knee Replacement
Revision Joint Replacement
Spine Surgery
Arthroscopic Reconstructive Surgery

Packages For Centre For Human Reproduction

IVF Cycle
Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection Cycle (ICSI)
Egg Sharing Cycle
Laser Assisted Hatching
Other Procurers 

Packages For Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Bypass (Roux-n-y)
Gastric Banding 

Package For Asthetics & Hair Rejuvenation Surgery

Mammoplasty Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction + Submental Lipectomy
Liposuction (5-7 litres)
Liposuction (7-10 litres)
Chin Augmentation With Implant
Liposuction Of Belly, Abdominoplasty, Thigh Revision And Upper Thigh Lift
Mini Abdominoplasty (Upto Umbilicus)
Abdominoplasty With Umbilical Excision
Abdominoplasty With Neoumbilicoplasty
Reduction Of Male Breasts
Abdominoplasty + Thigh Lift + Arm Lift + Breast Lift + Breast Augmentation
Tummy Tuck And Breast Augmentationg 

For Hair Restoration

Package A (2500 - 3000 Micro grafts)
Package B (2000 - 2500 Micro grafts)
Package C (1500 - 2000 Micro grafts)
Package D (1000 - 1200 Micro grafts)
Package E (500 - 700 Micro grafts)

Packages For Centre for Dental Surgery

Dental Implants (4 Quadrants)

Packages For Gynaecology

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Vaginal Hysterectomy

Packages For  Ophthalmology


Packages For Minimum Access & General Surgery

Pilonidal Sinus
Inguinal Hernia
For more details on International health checkups please click on the following link:                    http://www.hiranandanihospital.org/overseas__healthchecks.htm

For information on pricing or any other query related to medical tourism please contact:

E-mail: wecare@hiranandanihospital.org
E-mail : marketing@hiranandanihospital.org

Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai
Hill Side Avenue,
Hiranandani Gardens Powai,
Mumbai - 400 076,
Phone  : +91 22 25763300 / 33
Fax  : +91 22 25763311 / 44
Email : wecare@hiranandanihospital.org
Hiranandani Hospital, Thane
Hiranandani Estate,
Ghodbander Road, Thane (W)
Phone : +91 22 25308666 / 70
Email : wecare@hiranandanihospital.org
Website: http://www.hiranandanihospital.org/

Message From    : Pt.Kathleen Sullivan

 To all at this hospital. I would like to say thank you so much. I did not know what to expect and I must say I received nothing but the best from Dr. Jain, Nisha, O.T staff and Beatrix and nurses. I get very scared in hospitals and I feel more comfortable here than in USA hospitals, I feel assured that you are doing the best possible for me in all of the world and am forever grateful, everything is clean and everyone is very friendly, I feel very safe and secure. I was happy to meet Dr. PD’s family, very nice people who took my friend Heidi, shopping and also made me feel very comfortable. Dr PD is excellent as far as communication to get me here. I will be back soon to finish my surgery and am not so worried at all. For a hospital this has been the best experience of many in my life.

Thank you all, So much, God bless,

Kathleen O’ Sullivan

Country of Origin : California (USA)

Message From    : Pt. Chukwudi Okaro

I wish to thank the management and staff of Hiranandani hospital for all the care and kindness shown to me while our treatment. The services are super and the staff and support staff were also great. However, the food should be made more interesting.
Thank you & God bless

Chukwudi Okaro.
Country of Origin : Abuja (Nigeria)

Message From    : Pt. Josef Lewis

Dear Dr Jain, Nisha + Everyone who has looked after me,

Since coming back to the hospital after my initial visit it has been brilliant and the time has flavor by. I have also used the facilities to their full potential by having seen the dentist Dr. Ria which I must say was a very good service also. My operation went well I am mended now and the physiotherapy is going well. All the best to everyone and if I ever I need you again I will be in touch + Thanks again to the medical tourist company for making this possible.

Very Kindest Regards,

Josef Lewis.

Country of Origin: Kent (England)

Message From    : Peter booth

 "I have had the best of care that I have ever experienced in all my hospital life and I have been to many"
"I would not ever get that service in England or any where else for that matter".

Message From    : Arna (Peter Booth's wife)

"He will be sorry to leave all the wonderful people he has had contact with at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, but will return with a very valuable eating resume, shown to him whilst he was there"

Message From    : Pt. John Machado
City of Origin        :  Los Angels (USA)

My Dentist Dr. Ria and the people from OPD were all very Professional and honest. I would come back from America Again for Any Medical Needs.  Thanks again to all the staff I had a good time..
John Machado

Message From    : Richard Mangerere
City of Origin        :  Tanzania
 Message :
Dear Dr and Hiranandani staff,

In my 6 day stay at the hospital was pleasantly refreshing. I appreciate all the service which I received from the cleanness up to the doctors. Don’t forget the room is very clean cool and sometimes you can think that is it hotel? Even that is my first time to come at India in your hospital for treatment I can say good servicing is here. I would like to say a very special thank to my surgeon Dr who has carried out an excellent job. I have found him to be very profession and thank him for all his helpful advice.

Also I would like to thank the AAREX INDIA HEALTH CARE for arranging every thing here in hospital.

And when I will be back to my country Tanzania, I will announce all the time The Name HIRANANDANI HOSPITAL AND HIS STAFF.

Very Kindest regards
Richard Mangerere  

Message From    : Mr. Josef Lewis
Treatment taken : Knee replacement
City of Origin        :  Billinham Kant, England

Dear Dr. Jain and everyone that cared for me, it has been a very pleasing week so far. I have had my knee problem sorted and have had excellent support throughout my stay. All aspects of the hospital are brilliant, cleanliness, customer service, after care etc. The rooms are excellent and the food is good. I am off to residence hotel for the rest of my stay tomorrow which was arranged by the” medical tourist company” who organized the whole trip and I must say they have been outstanding too. All in all great would recommend to everyone. Thanking you all for your hospitality and professnalism.

Very kindest regards
Mr. Josef Lewis

Message From    : Mrs. Brenda Ings
Treatment taken : Knee replacement
City of Origin        :  England

Traveling from England to India for the first time I was a little apprehensive to say the least. Being met at the airport was very helpful a Pleasuring. The hospital has very modern up-to-date equipment & the hospital staff have made my stay very memorable, they have been friendly, very caring and looked after me very very well & professionally and I couldn’t have wished for more. They have taken great care of me in every possible way.

Mrs. Brenda Ings  

Message From    : Mr Gajanan Vithal Konde

Message From    : Ms. Anderson
Treatment taken : Cosmetic and Dental Surgery
City of Origin        :  California, USA

My grateful thanks for India replenishing my life and soul. All the staff from doctors, sisters and house-keeping staff were exceptionally good to me. I send a special thanks to fore-runners for putting me in such a wonderful environment and these great people. The hospital is very well run and maintained and even my smallest needs were attended to instantly. The kitchen fed me so well; I have regained all my figure and strength. There will never be the proper words to thank Roma and so it is best to leave with all my highest recommendations and best regards to all here.

Blessings to All,


Message From    : Kathleen Temple
Treatment taken : Hip Resurfacing
City of Origin        :  Los Angeles

Dear Dr. Jain and all of the staff at the hospital.

Thank you for taking such good care of me and my friend Loris. We had a very pleasant stay. My overall care was excellent. The doctors were so thorough and attentive. The sisters were always kind and happy. Roma I will always remember my stay in India. Thank you for doing your job so well. We appreciate the efforts that were made for us to shop. We will forever remember all of you!

Kathleen Temple

Message From    : Patient’s Identity not revealed
City of Origin        : UK

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